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by Founder Paul W. Haarman

Dear Friend,

As an entrepreneur, registered financial consultant, and investor, I have spent the majority of my life working successfully inside of the financial industry. Then I was diagnosed with a severe liver disease that resulted in liver cancer. My doctors only gave me six months to live, which became the turning point that motivated me to change my perspective and begin focusing exclusively on what truly mattered in life.

This discovery led me down a new path to collaborate with close friends who also work in the financial industry; I embarked on a journey to distil and assemble the most effective financial strategies used by America’s most private wealthy inner circles. I started by documenting our findings and organizing them into easy to follow lessons.

I also discovered that, while there are many programs out there  promising you wealth and happiness, they are disproportionately skewed towards wealth accumulation, which ironically, in the end, lead to unhappiness. Learning this balance was critical for me. You see, a vehicle with one overinflated or underinflated tire can cause the entire vehicle to "pull" and steer off the road, and even crash. In a similar fashion, on the road to happiness, both an inflated or deflated pursuit of wealth can eventually send you off track to crash as well.

I founded Shift Evolution with one goal in mind, to promote financial literacy and help people better understand modern financial strategies. I believe that real wealth is beyond money and aim to help others follow proven techniques that will guide them and keep them on the right track towards their dream life.


I've created the three critical platforms commonly missing and necessary to attain and sustain the ideal lifestyle:

1  Knowledge - Financial Literacy for Sound Decision-Making 
2  Strategy - Financial Applications for Wealth Blueprinting
3  Opportunity - Infrastructure for Generating Earnings

Your membership includes Foundational lessons which will enable you to become financially literate and Premium lessons which teach you how to start creating your own wealth blueprint. Later, depending on your circumstance, you may be ready to opt into our opportunity portal to begin deploying and earning high returns.


I invite you to join us as a Premium Member. You finally have a proven path towards achieving your dreams for less than what you would normally pay for entertainment. Come and join other highly successful members who are already realizing their dreams.


We've covered a lot of categories (see below). There's a lot here, no doubt, but don't get overwhelmed. You don't need to do everything we show you all at once. Take one step at a time and learn at your own pace - that's how it works. 

Friend, you're not at this crossroad by chance - This is the day to look back on and say "I did it". Regardless of your circumstances today, you can start on the correct path to your dreams right now.



Wealthy or Not Doesn't Matter!

It doesn't matter how much you know or how much you have. Whether you have little capital right now or you are a high net-worth individual, what I've put together can propel you to the next level.

I can make this claim because, after 30 years as a consultant to the rich, I have created the platform necessary for anyone to reach and sustain the ideal lifestyle. The only limitation is your desire.

I have spent a lifetime modeling these strategies. These same lessons have previously sold for thousands of dollars, and now I'm making them ridiculously affordable for you. To help you start a path to wealth, I am giving you all my Foundational lessons for free and making the Premium lessons, less than the cost of a cable bill.

For just $67 a month membership, you will get a complete knowledge and strategy platform to take your lifestyle to the next level. Plus, when you think you're ready, my team will help you access our exclusive private portal where you will have an opportunity to participate in our high yield private opportunities alongside other highly successful members.

Becoming a Shift Premium Member will be one of the most important decisions you've ever made about your future.

Yes, I Want to Get Started Right Away

Pauls Signature

Paul W. Haarman



"When you master the important - You can live and preserve the essential"

Find More Money

Find more money within your existing cash flow without having to sacrifice your lifestyle or work harder to increase your income.

Integrate Your Money

How to direct your monthly cash, in a specific order and priority to create the greatest long-term financial benefit to you and your family.

Become Debt Free

Learn the difference between non-preferred and preferred debt and gain control of your money so it can be conserved not consumed.

Invest With Predictability

Learn how to invest your money to realize higher rates of return plus get that peace of mind that only predictability can bring.

Financial Independence

Reach the point where you no longer have to trade hours for dollars. Maintain your lifestyle off of the interest without tapping your principal.

Establish Your Legacy

Discover the importance of paying it forward. Put the right things into motion now, so that you leave a lasting legacy for future generations.


We Equip You With The Resources & Knowledge You Need to Achieve an Abundant Life!


Financial KNOWLEDGE crucial for financial independence.


STRATEGY essential for creating your financial blueprint.


OPPORTUNITY platform for deploying and accumulating earnings.

Wealth Blueprint

Shift proprietary blueprint for accumulating wealth.

Lesson Briefs

Summaries & takeaways for your personal study and review.

Action List

Easy prioritized action checklist for accomplishing lesson tasks.

Exclusive Downloads

Premium member resources to expand your knowledge.

Top Categories

Core categories in lifestyles affecting your everyday life.

News Alerts

Sensitive updates impacting your goals & strategies.

More Lessons

New lessons by industry experts released regularly.

Insider Webinars

Periodic special guest appearance by industry experts.

Member Support

Technical and non-advisory member support via email.

Wealth Advisor

Member path to advisory access at deployment stage.

Course Certification

Certificate of course completion at deployment.

Affiliate Program

Earn 3-tier revenue by referring people to Shift Evolution.


Powerful Insider Secrets & Lessons by Industry Experts To Empower You

Doubling your money as much as possible in a given period.

Two critically essential documents for making good financial decisions.

How to cut your expenses without sacrificing your lifestyle.

What you need to know about compounding and annualized returns.

Using in-service distributions to make better choices for managing funds.

Living within the correct True Wealth, family and legacy mindset.

Protecting yourself from common harmful mistakes when pursuing opportunities.

Gain a solid understanding of your money habits and priorities.

Learn the Debt to Wealth strategy, which utilizes the snowballing' principle.

Gain a new perspective on asset classes through an easy to understand format.

How to construct a financial plan and its' flow of money.

Why smart, wealthy people invest in part based on their instinct.

How to separate emotion from ground rules when evaluating investments.

The types of mortgages that will affect your net worth and your ability to retire.

Discover secrets, misunderstandings, and myths of the credit world.

The 7 Rules that help increase and Maintain an Excellent Credit Score.

Gain new insight through paradigm-shifting knowledge about insurance.

Your first strategic & fundamental step in realizing higher returns.

The core strategy of the affluent for attaining higher returns.

Exposing the college admission and financial aid process.

Avoid Real Estate investing pitfalls by using a risk-free methodology.

A complete breakdown of the most cutting edge investment machine.

How to make as much as 300% by flipping land even with as little as $100.

How to Grow and also Protect the volatility of your 401K.

How to free money locked up in an IRA, 401k, SEPA or similar accounts.

Start a home-based real estate-in-a-box business through mail order.

Discover the secret tools most commonly used by estate planning attorneys.

How to set up a 'Hands-Free' real estate cash machines.

How to transfer high medical risk costs to protect your finances.

How to profit from undervalued real estate properties.

How to sell properties at a profit in a relatively short period of time.

How to use private equity firms to mitigate risk when high yield investing.

How to approach opportunities considered as provocative investments.

Low-risk / high return strategies for oil and gas investing.

How to avoid the pitfalls of assuming LLC assets are completely protected.

How to shelter up to 1.2 million dollars from tax consequences.


Learn from specialized industry experts and save time and avoid mistakes.

Anthony Gaalaas

Credit Expert

Brian Britt

Wealth Advisor

Brian Frenzel

Med Research

Craig Perrine

Money Markets

David Walker

Estate Planning

Heather Seitz

Real Estate

Jeff Black

Private Equity Investing

Kent Clothier

Real Estate

Lynn Stokes

Financial Coaching

Mark Muti

Mortgage Expert

Mark Podolsky

Land Investing

Michelle Mai


Patrick Duke

Real Estate Investing

Paul Haarman

Private Equity Investor

Ryan Mitchell

Business Strategies

Simon White

401K - IRA


  • I Just retired with 37 years at a local utility.

    I never thought much of my financial future until the past few years, as I was getting a pension and also had a company owned 401K. Fortunately, I came across Shift Evolution, which encouraged me to educate myself on ways to invest where I decide and control my own destiny.

    Using these strategies and a structured blueprint, I feel much more confident of my financial future.

  • As a member of the “Shift” community, I want to thank Paul Haarman and his team for the excellent work they have done and continue to do on my behalf. I applaud their mission to educate and empower others, and I am impressed by their collective level of experience, expertise, and knowledge.

    Over the past five years, I have interacted directly with Paul, Kelvin, and Lynn, and found them to be accessible, supportive, reassuring, and friendly to work with. They have earned my trust, confidence, and respect. Thanks to my relationship with Paul and his team I have increased my level of financial literacy, I have become more financially self-empowered, and my financial bottom line has benefited significantly.

    I recommend them to all who are ready to take greater financial control of their lives. Thank you again for all you do!

  • “What I learned from Shift Evolution about my wealth possibilities and capabilities is more than I ever received from Wall Street money managers.  I made the life-transforming decision to go with Shift because they stressed that above all else, education was an essential component to my financial freedom; and they provided it in a comprehensible language that is not typically found on Wall Street. They offered me, an average saver, access to their investment strategies and ensured that I understood the processes involved in my financial transition.  With guidance and support that I continue to receive from the Shift team, I now have a clearer vision for both my future and how I am going to get there.

    Thanks to Kelvin Ching, Director of Client Strategy and my Hawaii contact, for our many discussions about Shift Evolution and for enlightening me to the fact that attaining financial freedom doesn’t mean you have to put all your eggs in one basket; in fact, real diversity exists outside the realm of the stock market.

    And, many thanks to Lynn Stokes, VP of Client Relations, for his patience and professionalism through the transition process; for teaching me, through discussion and illustration, the benefits of Evolutionary Banking; and for sharing his wisdom, experience and passion for his work that enables people like me to realize a secure and independent future.”

  • As business owner’s, in a farming industry, my husband and I work together on a daily basis, and I choose not to be involved with our investments. I was frustrated to watch him look at the volatile stock make each day. Thus, began our journey to Shift Evolution, which started with an online add, searching for a way to achieve our financial goals. Goals that were not being achieved to our satisfaction.

    We believe it was the divine intervention of God, which lead us to Shift Evolution. Somehow I convinced myself to join the program and watch a lesson; after viewing a couple of lessons, I became excited and motivated to begin a change. I began to understand investments! We felt after our first communication with Paul that we had someone with whom we could relate, cared for us, and our financial future. Plus, we were gaining knowledge regarding approaches to our finances watching the modules.

    At first, we did have our doubts! Investing with someone we didn’t know, doing business via phone and internet was such a different concept from our normal way of investing which made us quite nervous. It was not until we spent time in Austin, Texas last February, meeting with the Group, that we are now very confident this is where we are supposed to be. 

    We no longer worry about the stock market.  We have our estate plan in place, have investments paying, feel confident in the vetting that goes into the investments, and I am confident in my knowledge regarding our investments.  We're excited to see what the future holds.


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